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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling For Tooth Care I ENG

When I lived in Shanghai, a lot of people had bad breath due to their nutrition and after a while I had bad breath too and couldn’t really get rid of it, it was super annoying. So I googled how to stop bad breath and I stumbled upon oil pulling and wanted to try it as well.

Coconuts are not only delicious to eat but you can also use it for various beauty treatments: as a hair treatment, to shave your legs and to freshen your breath.

Coconuts are more than just tasty

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is basically just like a mouthwash, but instead of using the mouthwash you use oil. This method is an ayuverdic medicine method and it helps to ‘pull’ out all the toxics of your body.

What benefits do I have from oil pulling?

It freshens your breath, detoxifies your body,removes plaque, heals bleeding gums and whitens your teeth.

How does oil pulling work?

Just take a spoon of raw coconot oil in the morning before you eat and put it into your mouth and chew it until it melts. Then  swish it 10 to 20 minutes in your mouth and spit it that into a bin. Then rinse out your mouth with water. I also brush my tongue before I actually brush my teeth.

You can also use different oils like sunflower oil or olive oil. I never tried it but I think I prefer coconut oil the most. Take care not to swallow the oil because it's loaded with bacteria.

My results:

I recognized I don’t have bad breath at all anymore, not even in the morning and my teeth really got whiter. I can definitely feel and see a difference after pulling oil for a month now.

I don’t do it daily, but in the first week I did it to get used to hold in the oil for more than 10 minutes. The few first times the oil felt a little awkward in your mouth, but now I do it on weekends and under the week if I have the time.

Have you ever tried it? And what do you think about natural home remedies?



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